Chemical and Pesticide Testing

The chemical industry continues to introduce new chemicals every day into the environment and we often have little knowledge of their presence or toxicity. EIS offers a full range of chemical testing that covers both the low and high boiling point organic compounds (VOC's and SVOC's). Real time TVOC testing is also offered using a ppb RAE photo ionization detector.

Pesticides can be hazardous to human health and the environment. In older homes, our inspections have found hazardous residual concentrations of past bannedtoxic chemicals that pose a potential for ongoing contamination of the interior environment.

Investigation of Building Associated Health Challenges

Individuals who suspect that the indoor environment of their home or workplace is associated with their health problems should consider an indoor environmental investigation. Working with your health professional, we can help you identify and eliminate environmental sources that may trigger or sustain health problems.

Indoor Air Quality Testing

The inspection of the heating ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) system; a review of the cleaning and maintenance procedures; and testing and sampling for carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, formaldehyde, volatile organic compounds, dust load, bioaerosols (mold, bacteria, allergens) and combustion gases are features of our Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) surveys.

A proactive IAQ plan is the best way to assure good indoor air quality, improve employee relationships, support high productivity, reduce absenteeism and create a safer and happier workplace. Our team can establish a successful IAQ plan for you and can help to investigate and solve IAQ complaints.

New Construction "Healthy Home" Consulting

When you build a new home, you have a significant opportunity to create a space that will support the health of your family. The best time to maximize that opportunity is in the planning stages, before specifications are determined, and certainly before construction begins. EIS has established guidelines that cover all areas of new home healthy and green construction, from location and exterior structure to utilities and inside finishing.

In preparation for building your new home, there are a number of major components to consider for healthy home construction. Materials selection and their potential for VOC offgasing is major part of a critical review. Electrical wiring to minimize EMF effects, water filtration and plumbing, heating and ventilation, and landscaping/irrigation are all addressed as part of the overall healthy and green design.

Industrial Hygiene Surveys

To comply with project requirements, a team of certified industrial hygienists, professional engineers, architects, chemists, physicians and scientists may be necessary. EIS has established a network of affiliated experts throughout Southern California and other parts of the United States.

Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) Systems

The ventilation system is a building’s lungs. Unfortunately, that system is often the cause for indoor air quality problems and becomes a pollution distribution system. Microbial
contaminated drain pans, liner and coils, drainage problems, dirt and bird droppings, as well as poor maintenance and design are common sources for indoor air quality complaints. We provide a physical exam of HVAC systems, and review maintenance protocols.

Working with your HVAC contractor and/or mechanical engineer, we create a system that will best serve the IAQ needs and lifestyle of our clients. We work with existing standards as found in CA Title 24 and ASHRAE and take those recommendations to a higher level.

Pre-Purchase Real Estate Transactions

The purchase of a new home is usually a major investment. An environmental survey can protect you from unpleasant surprises in the future. This is especially important for individuals with existing health conditions such as asthma, allergies, or environmental sensitivities. We can assess the prospective property for potential moisture and microbial issues.Additional testing is offered for formaldehyde, pesticides, gas leaks, and other chemical loads. Dust and dander concentrations, electromagnetic fields and ventilation system integrity are all reviewed as found necessary.

Water Damage, Microbial and Moisture Control Surveys

Excess moisture or water is the single most important factor in microbial amplification (mold, bacteria and dust mites). Microbial amplification can lead to potential health problems and the destruction of building materials. To assess and monitor the moisture load in your building, we utilize state of the art instrumentation to measure humidity levels in the air, to access the moisture load in building materials (drywall, concrete, ceilings, wooden framing, carpet), and to identify microbial reservoirs and problem areas. We also offer infrared thermography as a tool for detecting leakage pathways and areas of moisture intrusion.

Energy & Performance Analysis

Energy consumption concerns are very relevant in these days of high cost fuels. EIS will perform a full energy audit of your house or structure. This includes duct blasting and blower door analysis. Infrared cameras will also be used to gain further information on the shell leakage. A full review of your energy and utility bills over the past year will be analyzed. Electrical "vampire loads" will be measured and methods for reduction will be presented.

Recommendations will be prioritized along with potential dollar savings.

Insurance and Litigation Support

The insurance industry and legal community requires experienced experts to evaluate insurance claims and to assess the merit of legal cases. EIS, Inc. provides you with the support necessary to review previous testing reports, conduct new testing, and document current conditions present in a building. Our team provides you with data analysis, remediation protocols, project monitoring, post remediation assessments and testing, and expert testimony.

Building Pressure Analysis/Odor Investigation

Odor complaints in buildings often fluctuate greatly and can be difficult to locate and control. With a detailed examination of building mechanical systems, pressure differentials, and air flow dynamics a better understanding can be gained. The building's history, in house materials and finishes are reviewed for potential sources. Real time VOC testing also is used to assist us in locating and resolving the problem.

Electromagnetic Fields (EMF), Radio Frequency (RF) and Microwave Radiation

The scientific community is divided about possible health effects of EMF exposure, but many experts agree on the concept of "Prudent Avoidance." Therefore, our approach is to identify high exposure areas and to use applied physics to reduce exposure to an acceptable level to protect people and sensitive electronic equipment. We have the equipment and experience to measure and record the broad range of electromagnetic radiation. Exposure assessments of power lines and EMF emissions from building wiring are our business. Our team also provides consultations concerning shielding techniques, and designs low EMF wiring systems for buildings.
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